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Giant Luxe Ride-On Flamingo Float

    Giant Luxe Ride-On Flamingo Float

    by Sunnylife

    22.990 Ft

    Who does not want a giant pink flamingo for this summer? Hop on and conquer the pools this summer on this luxurious bird that will guarantee your Instagram fame. The float has handles and an inside air pocket for a stable ride and recessed seating for comfortable lounging. The product is made from 0.30mm PVC and the package includes repair patch in case of punctures.

    155 x 155 x 120 cm

    100% PVC

    About SUNNYLIFE Australia
    Australian brand Sunnylife was conceived in 2003 on the sunny beaches of Sydney with one goal: to share the authentic Australian style with the rest of the world. Today it is the leading summer lifestyle brand all over the world. The brand is recognized for it's extensive collections featuring every must-have beach item imaginable. Every piece delivers on innovation, quality, functionality and style. With Sunnylife it is ensured that summer really never ends.