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    Flower-Detail Mesh Triangle Bra

    155.990 Ft

    Wrapped Cut-Out Detail T-Shirt Dress

    274.990 Ft

    Hip Strap-Detail Boyfriend Jeans

    234.990 Ft

    Lace-Trim Multi-Strap Mini Dress

    469.990 Ft

    Fitted Frilled Hem-Detail Pants

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    Explosive Flower Bra-Detail Mini Dress

    659.990 Ft

    Godet Cuff-Detail Turtleneck Top

    275.990 Ft

    London based designer, Nensi Dojaka, a rising star in the world of women's fashion, shot to fame by winning the coveted 2021 LVMH Prize for Young Designers. Starting her creative voyage at Central Saint Martins, where she obtained both her bachelor's and master's degrees, Dojaka introduced her own label in 2017, blending artistry and fashion in a captivating way. Growing up in Tirana, Albania, her artistic flair blossomed early, driven by a deep love for art and an urge for creative expression. Fueled by a lack of proximity to exhibitions and museums during her formative years, she channeled her creativity into crafting abstract, puzzle-like drawings, a precursor to the deconstructed, avant-garde designs that define her brand today. From delicate tulle to georgette tops and form-fitting dresses, Dojaka's collections strike a balance between sensuality and masculinity. Her signature style embraces visible seams, sheer textures, and matte contrasts accentuated by delicate straps, creating a striking visual interplay on the body. This fusion of feminine allure with a touch of masculine tailoring embodies her brand's unique aesthetic.