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    I Don'T Know What 50 ml Eau De Perfume

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    Radio Bombay 50 ml Eau De Perfume

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    Debaser 50 ml Eau De Perfume

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    Bowmakers 50 ml Eau De Perfume

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    Cowboy Grass 50 ml Eau De Perfume

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    Leatherize 50 ml Eau De Perfume

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    D.S. & Durga, which makes immersive fragrances in New York, was founded in 2007 by husband-and-wife team David Seth (D.S.) and Kavi (the nickname Durga, which means Hindu Goddess, was given to Kavi by David upon their first meet). David is a musican and a self-taught perfumer who always had a passion for fragrances and created his own aromatic language. Kavi is a trained architect who builds buildings for our scents and cities for our universe. They decided to marry his sense for romance and her eyes for design and created a unisex perfume house based in Brooklyn, New York. NY is a core in the brand's DNA, as the city has shaped the founders' life and vision. They turned all that they loved in music, nature, myth and design into fragrances in their Bushwick apartment, in fact, all scents are made in house. They make studies of real world objects, plants, and places and create a new world inside the bottles. They believe that a great perfume is a keyhole into another realm; an invisible landscape that you can enter and explore any time. They show you the whole story that's behind the fumes and they also make you hear the music behind them because every fragrance comes with a playlist, which takes you into that specific fragrance’s universe.