Vagabond Shoemakers is one of Europe’s leading fashion brands built on footwear. The brand Vagabond was first born in Sweden 1973. The foundation of today’s Vagabond Shoemakers happened twenty years later. Where the ideas come alive and where they make careful decisions about shapes and materials. During the 80’s founders got busy learning about shoes and moved to Italy to develop their design philosophy, where they learned the best skills for shoemaking. In 1993 they moved back to Sweden and created more iconic styles that are still important archival references in the design process. It all starts in the design studio in Varberg, Sweden. After first being a men’s shoe brand, they consciously set focus to extend with female footwear fashion. This was accomplished through new unisex shoes and boots that the Scandinavian market had never seen before! Marie Nilsson Peterzén, co-founder and creative director of the brand, says that everyone at the brand is a shoemaker at heart and in soul. They believe that great design doesn't have to cost a fortune. Their vision is to make great shoes for people all over the world. Vagabond inspirations drawn from anything, from architecture to film and people. It’s a blend of minimalist Scandinavian design, attention to detail, and timeless silhouettes. Vagabond is the harmony between a good looking and high-quality shoe. They make shoes you can feel good about buying, and even better about wearing. Each collection is about everyday style with a lot of attention paid to harmonies and sustainable quality.