The moroccan-czech influencer Anisa Sojka started blogging when she moved to London to do her Master’s in Strategic Fashion Marketing. That time she creating content as a hobby and it turned into her full time job really fast and worked with many global brands from luxury to high street. She has spent the lockdowns sharing some lust-worthy hair hack and jewelry styling knacks on her instagram and in December 2020 launched her own jewelry and hair accessories brand. The ‘Anisa Sojka’ offers everything from chunky gold chains to fluffy scrunchies to sparkling bracelets. Her love for accessories began at an early age. As a child she always went into her mother's closet, stacking her necklaces, asking her to braid her hair and add pretty pins to glow it up. Her mom has been her fashion icon since she was a toddler. That’s why her first collection includes statement, vintage-inspired, 80’s style pieces with an edge. All designs are classic, timeless and sophisticated which give the finishing touch of every outfit.