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    Botanical Print Silk Scarf - 90X90

    54.990 Ft

    Tiger Mirage Print Silk Scarf - 68X68

    31.990 Ft

    Botanical Print Silk Scarf - 90X90

    54.990 Ft

    Botanical Print Twilly

    17.890 Ft

    Geometric Mirage Print Silk Scarf - 68X68

    31.990 Ft
    Aenēis is a conscious luxury lifestyle brand characterized by exclusive prints with a focus on silk scarves. Designed in Paris and consciously made in Italy. Aenēis offers fashion and interior pieces such as silk scarves, twilly, bandanas and cushions with unique prints made of the finest silk. The products are designed and developed in the Parisian-based studio while the manufacture is run by a family-owned and managed company based in Como, Italy. Guided by a passion for travels, design, architecture and all the aspects of nature, Aenēis stands for iconic design and quality which combines style with functionality creating products that hold beauty while maintaining relevance and a style that will be loved by several generations. A classic luxury item is re-appropriated to become something entirely new; edgy, yet timeless.
    Aenēis doesn’t believe in fast fashion trends and aims to create exclusive prints and products that last from a generation to another. With a commitment to Italian manufacturing, Aenēis takes pride in crafting the majority of its products with small family owned vendors. Keeping the production close to home and supporting small, traditional industries while creating local employment.
    Aenēis’ mission is to design and offer fashion and interior timeless pieces characterized by exclusive prints while leading the way of slow fashion and ethically conscious manufacture.