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Multi-Pocket Skinny Slim-Fit Pants

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Butterfly Nappa Leather Shoulder Bag

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Blumarine, founded in 1977 in Capri by Anna Molinari and Gianpaolo Tarabini, took its name from their love for the sea's blue hues surrounding the island. Anna's early exposure to her parents' knitwear factory, fondly called "Molly," determined her profession early. She spent her childhood watching skilled knitters at work, igniting her creative flair as she dressed her dolls with scraps. Anna's mother, Odette, played a pivotal role, passing down her design sensibility and sparking Anna's passion for fashion. Roses, beloved by Odette, became a central motif in Anna's designs, symbolizing femininity and mirroring her vision of beauty. Celebrated as the "Queen of Roses," Anna Molinari's creativity and heritage continue to inspire the brand, which recently underwent a revival, infusing a modern edge while honoring its roots—a vibrant transformation in contemporary fashion. Blumarine’s new vision, boldly embracing sensuality and defying conventions, has elevated the brand, capturing widespread acclaim and propelling it into the limelight of contemporary fashion while remaining rooted in its original ethos and heritage.