One of Italy’s largest fashion house, Max Mara is a name known across the world, synonymous with luxury, style and quality. Inspired by a passion for tailoring passed down by his mother and great grandmother, Achille Maramotti founded Max Mara in 1951 in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia. The "Mara" came from the founder surname, while "Max" referred to Count Max, a local character who was always stylish. The brand started with jackets inspired by French haute couture, but made with the latest industrial tailoring techniques. He’s created more styles, cuts and colours than ever before, allowing him to reach a far wider audience. Its heritage of Italian craftsmanship is applied to sophisticated silhouettes. Moreover, Max Mara was the first label to take a working woman as its aspirational icon. Geometric shapes, a harmonious dialogue between materials, and chromatic combinations of soft nuances distinguish the brand's frames. We can find everything imaginable in Max Mara's sunglasses collection, from the classic to the experimental.