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Eve Everyday Carryall Totebag

    Eve Everyday Carryall Totebag

    by Sophie Anderson

    99.990 Ft

    Crocheted by hand in Peru, this mega-fringed tote was inspired by the local fringed carnival costumes. In an extra-durable structured weave, this is an extra-cool tasseled tote. Machine washable on cool wash, comb tassels.


    • Dimensions: 49cm x 46cm x 28cm
    • Material: 100% Acrylic 
    • Made by hand by Peruvian Artisans

    About Sophie Anderson

    Inspired by her childhood upbringing in Oman and Kuwait she first hand experienced the art of Bedouin weavers. Her free spirit and imagination is translated into ethically produced hand-made bags by Peruvian and other South American artisans all employed by the brand providing fare wages and working conditions. Her eye for unique textures and colour combinations results in unique luxurious bags. Sophie unites the intricate, time-tested techniques of female artisans from around the world, such as the Colombian Wayuu, with her own, neo-bohemian aesthetic to produce ethically crafted accessories for the modern woman of the world.