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Quinn Straw Tote Bag
Quinn Straw Tote Bag
Quinn Straw Tote Bag

    Quinn Straw Tote Bag

    by Rodebjer

    109.990 Ft

    The Quinn straw bag features fringed details and two dangling metal balls reminding us of the summer countryside with haystacks and kettle, the ball detailing is actually inspired by cowbells!. The perfect summer bag to stroll around the park, do your Saturday market shopping or for your beach essentials. Pair it with a cotton maxi dress for ultimate comfort! 

    About Rodebjer

    Rodebjer is a modern, international fashion brand that stands for casual elegance on all occasions. The focus is on clearly defined silhouettes and artfully draped fabric. Rodebjer is aimed at modern women who go through life self-confidently and dynamically and who want to reflect this through their clothing.

    fenntarthato sustainable

    Sustainability is a core element of the Rodebjer identity and as a strategy deeply embedded, continuously evaluated and consequently updated to encourage resourcefulness within the whole organization therefore has been selected to be part of our sustainable brand selection. Since day one, Rodebjer has committed itself to foster mindful consumption habits, presenting collections that are lasting in both quality and style. They are highly aware that sustainability improvement is an ongoing process that is never finished. Each and every part of the value chain is important and all steps, small to big, have an impact on our planet.