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Leone Swimsuit

    Leone Swimsuit

    by Reina Olga

    51.990 Ft

    The Leone one piece is a timeless swimming suit with stylish piping detail on the edges, an acrylic ring detail on the straps and a deep V cut in the back. The medium rise on the legs will make your legs look incredible and the little side boob is this summer's sexiest touch in swimwear. This one comes in a super fun jungle print with leopards and monsteras, an ideal outfit for an pool rave party.

    About Reina Olga

    A fun, wild and cool brand founded by Italian sisters Guia and Isotta Cleps is a new addition to our portfolio for summer 2019. Their inspiration of their brand is the wistful feeling for something they have never experienced drives the brand to its success. Their personal story is utmost inspiring, they started their business from almost nothing, dared to dream big and soon became an international success. The name comes from their grandmother's names, Reina and Olga who loved leopard print. Their goal was to fulfill the gap in swimwear by producing something that suits every women regardless of size. In their mind there isn't such a thing as too big tooshie, every girl is beautiful regardless of shape or size and all they need is a good cut bikini that enhances their features. Quality plays a great deal, every material is sourced from Italy hand-picked by Guia going around in a rented car and then is produced also in Italy. Reina Olga is the sexiest thing hitting our store this summer for sure!