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Bima Woven Turtleneck Blouse
Bima Woven Turtleneck Blouse
gestuz bima woven turtleneck blouse black szott garbo
Bima Woven Turtleneck Blouse
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    Bima Woven Turtleneck Blouse

    by Gestuz

    32.990 Ft

    This puffy sleeve turtleneck can be a perfect piece of your wardrobe. If you have no idea in the morning what to dazzle the world with, pick up this top and know that whatever you combine with it, you will look wonderful. The perfect black piece of your perfect black outfit. Wear it with jeans, skirt or over a slim dress.


    • Fit: Regular fit
    • Length: Short length
    • Composition : 70% Viscose, 25% Nylon, 5% Elastane
    • Lining: 100% Cotton

    About Gestuz

    Founded in 2008 by Sanne Sehested the Scandinavian brand Gestuz is the solution to all women's daily problem - what to wear for an average day that will make you feel empowered, elegant and strong whilst being feminine. She was inspired by her own wardrobe, she wanted to create something that makes you feel energized. The brand's success lays in the subtle disruption and update of the classics. Gestuz is the perfect brand for the modern women with a huge selection of go-to pieces.

    fenntarthato sustainable

    Gestuz has been selected as one of our sustainable brands due to being one of the first to work with recycled polyester and creating 40% of their collection from sustainable materials. Beyond using sustainable materials they have years of focus on sustainable production and the wellbeing of the people working with them.