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    Gianni Versace, born in 1946 in Calabria, Italy, founded the iconic Versace fashion house. He developed a passion for fashion while working in his mother's boutique as a boy. Relocating to Milan in 1972, he gained recognition by designing collections for renowned fashion ateliers. In 1978, Gianni launched Gianni Versace SpA with the support of the influential Girombelli family. His elegant and subversive creations celebrated womanhood, with his sister Donatella playing a crucial role as a creative collaborator. After Gianni's passing in 1997, Donatella became Creative Director, driving Versace's evolution with her distinctive style. For over four decades, Versace has redefined fashion, empowered individuals with vibrant designs, and is recognized for creating two of the world's ten most iconic dresses of all time. The brand's iconic Medusa logo, symbolizing power and allure, has become synonymous with the exclusivity and prestige associated with Versace.