SS'20 Golden Reed estélyi ruha

120.000 Ft


100% washed silk


The Alma Vetlényi pieces incite us to open up about our inner world, by embody raw elegance in the sensitive, modern, urban woman. Giving her confidence, security and definite in her everyday life. By mixing traditions with innovations, Alma Vetlényi makes natural harmony between both, past and future values as a contemporary designer.

The „Alma Vetlenyi Woman” is an intellectual one, stands out by her mysteriousness. She lets you close to her gradually, but she always leaves something for later discovery. The identity and the emotional detection make her elegance. Showing vulnerability equals bravery. Different layers of cultural values are permeable. This gives the beauty of how nature's creations and man made things are able to work together harmonically.

Alma’s timeless and conscious design is expressing itself by geometric zero-waste tailored shapes, Oeco-Tex Standard 100, natural, organic materials, and hidden details.

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